Jagbir Singh is Post Graduate in Computer Science and holds Professional certifications: MySQL DBA, RHCE, CCNA, MCP along with over 9 years of hands-on experience. He has worked with Yahoo! Inc as Tech Lead and currently working as DevOps Lead with a small dynamic company Bharti SoftBank based at Gurgaon, India. The posts in this blog are highlights of his daily life as an DevOps engineer with intention to provide useful insights to readers which might help them enhancing knowledge or fixing some issues. These days he is exploring cloud computing extensively. He can be reached at jagbir AT jagbir DOT com.

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  • http://www.emerika.com/voe/ brad


    I ran across your site looking around for linux admin stuff. I just wrote a new tool that I want to release under a GPL license. However, I would like to know that someone in the world besides me finds it useful before I bother.

    I’m looking for anyone interested in beta testing it.

    On one hand I consider this a server monitoring tool, but really it’s a very generic and automated diff tool.

    Basically, what it does is run a program (or programs) you specify and capture the ouput. It remembers the first time you run it as a baseline and subsequently, compares the current output to the baseline. If there’s a change it outputs a readable diff.

    It’s more advanced than this, but simply this is what it does.

    So, for instance, you can watch a server remotely using “nmap someserver.com | grep open”. If the open ports ever change, you’ll get notified… assuming you run it from crontab.

    If you have any interest in beta testing this, please let me know.


  • http://www.jagbir.info jagbir


    I’d be glad in beta testing and waiting to have a look at earliest.

    - Jagbir

  • http://manageronduty.org Devinder

    Thanks Keep up the good work

  • Andy

    Hi Jagbir,

    Im trying to setting up a GIT server and have found your helpful instruction”How to set up GIT server”. however I could not get the testing installation done successfully because of missing something I guess. There is 1 part about configurating Gitolite that does not exist any more. Would you please put that missing part directly to the instruction.
    Hi Jagbir,

    Really appreciate your help.

    • jagbirs

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the comment, I tried explaining gitolite also in article and linked one external resource for more info but looks like that external article is no longer available. I’m also not in touch with this stuff since long hence not able to help you more. My apologies.