FTP Error: Could not write to socket: Broken pipe

by jagbir on October 15, 2008

By viewing this error while using your ftp server, you may get the impression of some bug/problem in your ftp server. This is exactly what happened in the early morning when I got call that vsftpd server in one of the Amazon EC2 server stopped working. When trying to transfer a file it’s showing something like this:

Error: Could not write to socket: Broken pipe
Unable to download file xxxx

In first, I checked the config of vsftpd, and restarted it. It’s working fine. Then got the clue from “unable to download file” messages which indicates that ftp server is not able to write/download file. When I checked the space:

[root@domU-x-x-x-00-x-E2:/etc/vsftpd] df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1             9.9G  9.4G     0 100% /
/dev/sda2             147G  188M  140G   1% /mnt

You can see, 100% space full in / partition. Problem disappeared after cleaning up the space. This server was one of few servers, which were not covered by our nagios implementation then, though this incident accelerated the process. ;)

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  • Marcelo

    Same problem here:Error: Could not write to socket: Broken pipe

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda3 224G 213G 0 100% /
    /dev/sda1 99M 22M 72M 24% /boot
    none 1013M 0 1013M 0% /dev/shm
    /usr/local/tmpMnt 962M 18M 896M 2% /tmp
    /dev/sdb1 226G 251M 214G 1% /mnt/disco2

    • http://www.jagbir.info jagbir

      Hi Marcelo, so the problem resolved yet or still there? what’s the OS you are using?

      - Jagbir

  • http://www.forumdirectory.net/forumdirectory/ Sofia Helfrich

    Thank you for this wonderfull blog, I have been lurking for some time, many thanks to the Admin here too.

    • http://www.jagbir.info jagbir

      Thanks a lot, Sofia :)

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